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Gift Ideas

The Unmatchable Elegance of Pearl Jewelry: “Gifts for HER”

Ages ago , naturally occurring pearls were used and admired for their beauty and elegance. Today, cultured pearls that are similar in color and texture to natural pearls are widely used to create pretty jewelry items for women.  Pearl jewelry is an ideal gift for mum for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special days.  You can buy a variety of pearls designed in intricate patterns to make beautiful jewelry pieces.

Gifts for Mother: Most Popular Types of Pearls

Pacific Pearls International offers an exclusive range of pearl types embedded in beautiful jewelry pieces.  Choose from the following for the best look.

  • Freshwater pearls- Freshwater pearls are beautiful pearls that are cleaner, rounder and more lustrous.  Due to their mass production, they are also famous for their affordable price points.  The pearls usually range from 5mm to 10mm, though they are available in larger sizes of 13mm.
  • Japanese Akoya pearls- Akoya Pearls are widely popular, are often round and spherical.  These are very sheen and have a high luster.  Japanese Akoya pearls are an every-time favorite of brides, mothers and girls all over the world.
  • White and Golden South Sea pearls- Your mother would definitely cherish and admire the beautiful white and golden pearls embedded in a necklace or bracelet.  If you select a gift for your mum made of these creamy white pearls with a silver overtone, she will definitely be on cloud nine.

Gifts for Wife: Exotic Pearl Jewelry Available at Pacific Pearls International

To buy beautiful pearl ornaments in a plethora of designs that go well as a gift for your wife, take a look at the varieties and excellent discounts at Pacific Pearls International.  Get all types of jewelry items with different kinds of pearls embedded in all types of metallic alloys. Opt for multi-colored pearl settings for a more casual look and feel.

Jewelry Items to Choose for your Loved One

  • Pearl bracelets.  What would be more pleasing to a wife than to wear a beautiful pearl bracelet gifted by her husband?  Choose from our exclusive range of South Sea pearl bracelets with gold clasps, at attractive prices.
  • Pearl necklaces.  It’s time to let your better half flaunt her pearls in front of people at her wedding anniversary.  A beautiful black pearl necklace would be the most attractive gift for your wife.  Order right now at exciting deals. 
  • Pearl rings.  Wondering what to gift your wife on her first birthday after marriage?  A beautiful pearl embedded in a rose gold or 18k gold ring will definitely make her happy.

What Makes Pearls the Best Gifts for Weddings?

The elegance of pearls is what makes them one of the best gifts for wedding couples.  Be it for the bride, star of the eve, or for bridesmaids, pearls are a stunning way to adorn the beautiful wedding dress.  The pearls, when worn as necklace or earrings, make a style statement.

Long running tradition of wedding day pearls

Pearls as gifts at weddings are not a new concept.  The availability of different types of pearls in various shapes and sizes is attracting people towards this gift of simplicity.  There are various significations of pearls that differ as per the color of pearls, such as:

  •   White pearls represent honesty and innocence
  •   Black pearls symbolize strength, balance and protection
  •   Pink and rose pearls suggest friendship and love
  •   Golden pearls are a symbol of warmth, wisdom and success

As well as natural pearls, there are cultured pearls available.  To find natural pearls, people used to manually collect mussels and oysters from deep down in oceans and lakes.  This used to be quite a risky procedure with a low probability of success.  This is why pearls are considered to be rare and valuable objects.

Pearls: the Timeless and Most Precious Gifts for Girlfriend

Is Valentine’s Day around the corner?

Wondering how to make her feel special and the night memorable for the coming years?

There could be many ways to tell her that you love her the most!  Gifts, such as rare pearls, must be reserved for such special occasions.  They make the perfect gift for girlfriend.  If you are still stuck on precious metal jewelry with all the other arrangements to make her feel special, it could be an ideal date night, but not that enchanting.


Let it be just the two of you with our pearls around her neck, in her ears or on the finger!

Adorn your girl with pearls and celebrate in the most peaceful ambience that she could ever imagine.  Book her favorite restaurant and pamper her with an appetizer and dessert that she loves.  Play a romantic number to create the ambience and mood for her.  It’s time to express your love and care for her with pearls.  Once it's all done, you will realize that nothing could have been more perfect than pearls as a gift for girlfriend, or your “Life Partner”!

Rare Pieces of Pearl Jewelry: a Perfect Gift for Daughter

Pearls: adorn it, keep it and adore it for a lifetime

Daughters are part of their parent’s hearts and they do anything and everything to make her happy.  From childhood to adulthood, as parents you put in lots of effort to give them what they want.  Now she is grown up to mind?  There is a significant area of confusion when choosing the right gift for your daughter, but we have a solution.

At Pacific Pearls International, we have the most beautiful pearl sets.  We offer black pearl sets, white pearl sets, and more to make your daughter the happiest.  Adorning her with precious pearls is what she deserves, and we help you get the matching pearl sets with the dress.

What we deliver:

Pearls, like any other precious coin or metal, is valuable so keep safely and with love.  It enhances the beauty of a woman and makes her look graceful.  Choose a pretty pearl ring and pendant for your daughter on her special day and bring that beautiful smile her way.

Different Pearl Shapes to Adorn your Sister this Season!

They say if you have a sister, you have everything!

Sisters are the most precious gifts from god, aren’t they?  If you are looking to buy the best gift for your sister online, choose an antique pearl jewelry piece from Pacific Pearls International.  With an exclusive range of options available, select different-shaped pearls set on various jewelry items like rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  Here are the different pearl shapes to choose from:

Round.  Round pearls are the most widely known, valuable and acceptable of all the pearl shapes.  There are semi-round pearls which look virtually round and will appear to be round when strung together as a necklace.

Drop.  Drop pearls are symmetrically extended pearls that take the shape of a teardrop.  When these are found in a perfect pear shape, they are extremely valuable, unique and loved by most of girls.  So, your sister will definitely love a necklace with a drop pearl pendant.

Baroque.  If you would love to gift your sister a designer jewelry piece, you will find baroque-shaped pearls in them.  They are irregular in shape and are loved by many due to the distinct character they have.

Circle Baroque.  These are easy to distinguish as they have unique rings surrounding the pearl. If you are looking for a gift for sister that will not break the bank, circle pearl jewelry would be the best option.

Place a Long-Awaited Order Today for HER!

Explore all our gift options at Pacific Pearls International and say out loud your eternal love for her - mother, sister, wife, girlfriend and wedding bride!

When give her your gift and she opens it, she will realize the value of pearls for a lifetime.