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Necklace Lengths


pearl necklace Lengths


Collar (31-33cm, 12-13 inches )
The collar necklace has Victorian look, pearl collars are usually made up of two or more strands wore high on the neck. Pearl collars go beautifully with boat neck .V-neck or off the shoulder tops and dresses.

Choker (37-42cm , 14-16 inches )
The choker pearl necklace is an incomparable classic, and probably the most versatile of all pearl lengths.

Princess (43-50cm, 17-19 inces)
A princess length necklace match your uniform.

Matinee (51-61cm, 20-24 inches )
The matinee pearl necklace is great with a business suit or a dress.

Opera (77-92cm, 30-36 inches )
The opera necklace is the queen of lengths, best suited for formal engagements in evening dresses. You can also double it on itself and turn it into a highly versatile, shorter length.

Rope (over 92cm , 36inches  )
The rope pearl necklace is very luxurious and highly sexy!