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Pearl Jewelry: Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas buzz is in the air. The season of bells, lights, and presents has started. Folks have already prepared their surprise lists for loved ones. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Soon, the days of giving will arrive, and loved ones will meet to exchange gifts. Candles, accessories, dresses, gadgets, and shoes are all great present choices. 


But what about the present for the love of your life? Have you planned what you are going to give her? It might be so confusing while thinking about Christmas gifts ideas for her. Well, whether it's your mom, wife, girlfriend, aunt, or best friend, nothing can impress a woman more than jewelry. Markets are already full of jewelry Christmas gifts, but you will want to give your lady something very special. 

Get Festive on this Christmas by Gifting Pearl Jewelry for her

When it comes to a special and unique jewelry gift, there is no match for a piece of elegant pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry is still as stylish and trendy today as it was in the 1980s and 1990s. Due to its charm and classy designs, pearl jewelry is ideal for gifting to almost every woman. Pearl's sleek designs, soft colors, and exotic luster can add glam to every look. 


Last month is perfect for telling your loved ones how much you appreciate them. So, give them a fine pearl jewelry Christmas gift this year to make them feel special. But which one is better for each woman in your family and friends? You can purchase different types of majestic pearl jewelry even from a reliable online seller such as Pacific Pearls International. Here are a few pearl jewelry Christmas gift ideas for her to get started. 


What can be better than a smooth pearl necklace


Pearl pendants are the sleekest accessory pieces that can add glam to every woman's life. These simple, delicate pendants are perfect for gifting your lovely woman this holiday. You can purchase a charming pendant from a Christmas shopping sale and make your mom, wife, or daughter's day special. Pearl pendants come in various designs, such as lockets and chokers to match every woman's choice. 


In addition, pearls come in different colors from pink to white, lavender, off-white, cream gold, and many more. The nicest thing about pearls is their soft colors match almost every outfit, and their soft designs don't hurt any dress's beauty. These pendants can be worn on almost every occasion, so Christmas would be the perfect day to wear a charming pearl pendant. When it comes to pendants, we will recommend you to buy Tahitian black pearl pendants for her.


A sleek pearl ring that goes with everything 


Rings are one of the women's most loved accessories. This jewelry piece is ideal for every day wearing that improves your hand's appearance. So, if you want to give a woman something that she wears daily, a pearl ring is something you shouldn't miss. Other rings may look heavy to carry regularly, but a pearl ring's soft texture and sleek design go with everything. 


Whether it's a regular job day or someone's wedding, a pearl ring will always add a statement to the wearer's look. You can choose from a vast variety of classic rings that matches your budget. Many people think wearing pearls every day will lower their beauty, but it isn't true. Pearl's exotic luster stays perfect for decades, and its charm never goes off. You can easily shop freshwater pearl rings online at competitive rates.


Pearl earrings that add instant glamour 


Earrings are one of the most chosen accessories when it comes to Christmas present ideas. From studs to pendulous, pearl earrings come in a vast range. They also come in different shapes and sizes, making them excellent to make unique earring sets. Baroque to perfectly round-shaped, every pearl is a unique piece to make dazzling earrings. 


If your friend or girlfriend is fond of small-sized accessories, nothing can make her happier than a pair of pearl earrings. Gifting her this jewelry, she will have something to cherish for a long time. Being one of the most elegant gemstones, pearl earrings will add royalty to her beauty, and people won't stop complimenting her. Nothing would be better than buying pearl earrings online for her.


Elegant pearl bracelets to strengthen the bonds 


Christmas gift bracelets are the perfect thing to celebrate this holiday season with style and beauty. Women are always fond of wearing wrist accessories such as bracelets and watches. Recently, pearl bracelets have become a popular fashion statement. Many Hollywood actresses and models can be noticed wearing beautiful pearl bracelets. Every girl next door wants to get this amazing piece. 


If you want to give a woman something that she always cherishes, a pearl bracelet is available for you. Apart from their beauty, pearls are a symbol of love and affection, and that's why they have been one of the most gifted jewels. So, gifting her a pearl bracelet will definitely strengthen your bond. We highly recommend you to buy white South Sea pearl bracelets online.


Loose pearls as a symbol of affection 


Loose pearls are something that can help you to show your feelings. If you have someone you like but don't have much confidence to give her jewelry, loose pearls are also available as one of the best Christmas gifts. Pearls are considered the purest gemstone. They symbolize feelings of love and affection. In past times, people used to give pearls to the woman they loved. 


You can present loose pearls to a girl you like and show your feelings. Every time she looks at the loose pearl, she will definitely remember the giver. In addition, she can also craft jewelry with loose pearls the way she wants. 


Why is pearl jewelry the perfect gift for Christmas? 


Jewelry is a long-lasting piece 


Jewelry isn't a single-time gift; instead, it's an investment that goes with you always. When you give someone jewelry, they'll have something to appreciate and value forever. Gemstones, especially pearls, stay perfect for decades and can be passed from one generation to another. The receiver, especially women, may forget other gifts, but they never forget the lovely jewelry they receive as a present. 


Jewelry sends a message 


Some gestures speak more than words. When you can't gather confidence to speak up about your feelings, a jewelry piece can do it for you. Also, lovers adore some gemstones like pearls as a symbol of love. So, if you want to give your love of life a present, you should surely go for pearl jewelry. No other thing can say "forever" as a pure pearl does


Jewelry is customizable 


The fashion industry has made jewelry in numerous designs and styles. Some jewels, such as loose pearls, are customizable that can be designed the way you want. So, whether it's a sleek design of a single pearl ring or a glamorous pearl pendant, you can get it in every way. In addition, pearls are available in a vast color collection. So, you can choose a piece of color the receiver likes the most. 


Jewelry is versatile 


No matter what taste or budget, jewelry is available for everyone. You can easily find a piece that suits your needs and the receiver's interest. For example, if the woman you want to offer jewelry doesn't wear rings, you can give her earrings, pendants, bracelets, or many more items. In addition, jewelry can be matched with different outfits for different occasions, making it look different every time you wear it. 


Why choose pearls over any other jewelry?


When you look for various jewelry, some you may find out of your budget, and others may come in complicated designs. The nicest part about pearls is they come in different sizes and shapes. Each shape and size comes in a different price range. In addition, the costs of saltwater and freshwater pearls also vary according to their characters. 


When choosing pearl jewelry as a Christmas gift, you can get numerous options that suit different preferences, color choices, and budgets. In addition, their simple and sleek designs are equally perfect for both regular and party wear. Any woman getting pearl jewelry could no more be happy with any other Christmas gift for sure. 


Why do women love jewelry as a gift? 


It's an essential accessory 


Jewelry has an important place in every woman's life. Females have worn it for centuries, and now the fashion industry has made it popular more than ever. If you look around, women never attend any special occasion without wearing jewelry. Whether it's a wedding, graduation, birthday, or dinner, jewelry is something they always depend on. So, giving a woman pearl jewelry as a Christmas gift will add a new classic piece to their accessories collection. 


It gives them self-confidence


When the right person wears the appropriate piece to the right occasion, jewelry can bring out the best in a woman's features and personality. Women see jewelry as a crucial piece to make them feel beautiful, trendy, unique, and self-assured. It eventually contributes to a woman's self-esteem, which is why it is so important to so many women.


It has a sentimental value 


Jewelry has a sentimental value in every woman's life more than its monetary value. For example, a simple pearl ring may cost you five hundred dollars, but the woman who receives it values it more than it's worth. That's why jewelry is the most chosen Christmas present by husbands. Gifting jewelry symbolizes love and strengthens the bonds between the receiver and the giver. When you give someone jewelry, it will make you smile every time they wear it. 


How many types of pearls are there to choose from? 


When we think about pearls, we often imagine iconic white flawless spheres decorating the necks of high-society ladies in films. However, those white and creamy are only a few of the many different types of pearl categories. There are many different varieties of pearls, each with its own color, size, form, and origin. Here are the types of different pearls- 


Akoya pearls 


Akoya pearls are the most common jewels that come to mind when you think about pearls. These pearls are found in saltwater oysters in the cooler coastal seas of Japan, Vietnam, and Southern China. Japan is the world's leader in Akoya pearl growing, providing the highest-quality Akoyas. While the majority of Akoya pearls are white, some may have golden or silvery-blue tints. These pearls come in size from 2mm to 9mm. 


Freshwater pearls


As their name states, freshwater pearls are developed within freshwater mollusks. They are the most common and affordable type of pearl on the market. Freshwater pearls are mostly produced in China and come in a wide range of colors. Peach, lavender, pink, and white are the most common pastel colors of freshwater pearls. To enhance their coloration, they are sometimes treated with specific dyes. Freshwater pearls painted black are known as "Peacock pearls."


Tahitian Pearls 


Black-lipped oysters produce Tahitian pearls in French Polynesia's coastal waters. They're renowned as the world's only naturally black-colored pearls. However, their black colors also come in different shades like greenish-black or grayish black. Darker pearls are rarer than lighter pearls. Hence their colors may vary their price range. They come in a large size that ranges from 8mm to 15mm. 


South Sea pearl


South Sea pearls are the most demanded and most expensive variety of pearls. They are cultivated in the famed "coral triangle," a stretch of dangerous sea that runs between Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. South Sea pearls range in size from 8 to 20 millimeters. Depending on the type of oyster they originate in, they can be silky white, silver, pastel pink, or rich gold.


What to look for while selecting pearl jewelry? 


The type of pearl 


The first step is to determine which type of pearl you want to give someone. Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, or South Sea are the four most common types of pearls used in jewelry. Each pearl is produced by a different type of mollusk, and each mollusk lives in a different part of the world under unique climatic conditions. Due to this, a vast variety of pearls are available to offer your woman a jewelry Christmas gift


Their luster 


Luster is the amount and quality of light reflected from the surface of a pearl. The luster of a high-quality pearl is always bright and crisp. If you're selecting a perfectly round pearl as a Christmas gift ideayou should be able to see your reflection in it. A low-quality pearl seems overly white, dull, or chalky. However, the luster also depends on the surface of the pearl. If the surface is baroque, it won't shine much. 


Their surface 


The value of a pearl directly depends on its surface. The clearer the surface, the more expensive the pearl. When selecting pearl jewelry to make a Christmas presentlook for its flaws, such as blemishes, lumps, or scratches. Select a pearl with a crystal-clear surface that has a mirror-like reflection. However, it's not necessary to purchase a perfectly shaped pearl. Some women do like raw-looking gems, and baroque pearls can impress them at a very affordable price. 


Their color 


Pearls are available in various colors, including white, black, and every pastel shade in between. White, champagne, aqua, green, golden, and black are examples of commonly occurring colors. Choosing your preferred color is a personal preference, although rosé overtones appear best on fair skin, while cream and gold-toned pearls look best on darker skin.


Their size


The size of a pearl determines its value if all other quality variables are equal. The more expensive a pearl is, the larger it is. The diameter of a pearl is measured in millimeters. Seed pearls can be as small as a millimeter, whereas South Sea pearls as large as 20 millimeters have also been discovered. A one-millimeter increase in pearl size results in a significant difference in look and value. Today's typical pearl size is between 6.5 and 7.0 mm and is mostly used to make jewelry. 


Why is pearl jewelry perfect to wear on Christmas? 

Attending a holiday party with the most beautiful outfit and unique accessories is almost every woman's dream. Gorgeous pearls are something that can unexpectedly add a unique glow to a woman's look. Pearls compliment any attire and take it to the next level. Pearls can enhance a woman's beauty and make them appear exquisite and unique.


Is there a black-tie event planned for December? Attending a fancy holiday celebration or Christmas eve? No matter what outfit a woman wears at a Christmas party, pearls can bring the best out of it. Their classy designs and simple, soft texture aren’t any addition. Instead, they bring perfection to every look. 


Not only for Christmas, but December is also a season of weddings, and what would be better than it for wearing pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry highlights the features of a woman, and that's why you can spot actresses and models wearing pearl jewelry frequently. 


Things to connoisseur before presenting her pearls 


Is she a fan of gold or silver? This is the first issue to address. The metal you select is the first step in purchasing jewelry for her that she will adore. Pearl jewelry can easily be embedded in any metal. You can get them in gold, silver, and even delicate chains. Select the type of metal your woman is fond of. 


What kind of jewelry does she usually wear? Does she wear necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, charms, or pins? Make sure you get her something she'll like and wear. If you're not sure, you can consider purchasing a small jewelry piece as they are easy to wear and comfortable. Small pieces are liked by almost everyone and go with every occasion. 


What is her preferred jewelry size? Is she a fan of huge, chunky, big, little, petite, or delicate jewelry? Is it more common for her to wear plain or standout pieces? If she wears heavy pieces and accessories, pearl pendants are a perfect match for her. However, if she has a minimalist approach, you can go for a pearl ring or bracelet. Whatever you give her as a Christmas gift, she must be at ease in the jewelry she is wearing.


Does she like any specific type of stones? Some people have a preference for certain colors of stones. For example, some people are obsessed with their birthstones. In any case, this is critical because many women nowadays prefer pearls to diamonds. It's because pearls come in various colors, and their sleek designs suit every attire, and they are perfect for every occasion. 


Bottom line


Christmas is an excellent occasion to choose lovely gifts for your beloved woman. Whether she is your mom, wife, daughter, friend, colleague, or girlfriend, gifting them pearl jewelry is a classic decision. Not too much and not too little, pearls are perfect for every woman. So, visit Pacific Pearls International and get your lady an amazing pearl jewelry that she’ll never take her eyes off.