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Cord 12 ( 2mm Italy Black cord , 42cm , 16.5 inches) long.

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2mm Italy Black Cord  With Silver Clasp (42 cm), 16.5 inches length

This Black Cord Is Ideal For Your Pendant


Enjoy a stylish and modern look at any parties with our Italian cord that will be a dazzling addition to your wardrobe!

Italian black cord is exceptionally soft, strong and durable with a smooth sheen. It is much more than a fashionable and elegant choice. The Italian cord is highly demanded the luxury of its craft and is still widely used today. These cords have the highest standard unmatched by any other country in the world, making this a fine investment.

The Italian cord can be worn alone or combined with a pendant or charm as it will be beautifully matched with casual jeans and t-shirt or with a dressy outfit, wear everyday solo for a simple and polished look. The Italian cord from Pacific Pearls International is designed to match your fashion statement the contemporary. This cord can enhance the beauty of any outfit and is sure to make you more eye-catching on the go!

Founded with a refreshing and courageous goal, Pacific Pearl International makes beautiful jewelry accessible, affordable and forever wearable. We have evolved with the vision to provide high-quality pearl jewelry at affordable pricing, satisfying our customers. Our 2mm natural Italian Leather Cord with 16.5 inches length is strong and durable with a smooth sheen and is known for its artisan quality, craftsmanship and flexible so it retains its shape perfectly. Our cord goes well with casual jeans and a t-shirt or with a dressy outfit. Perfect to wear on a regular basis solo for a simple and polished look or dangle your favourite pendant or charm for the additional modern look!

The persons who love to wear timeless, modern and effortlessly chic jewelry then our Italian Black Cord is the stylish and versatile unisex gift! Our cord is the coolest present for husband, wife, daughter, son, mom, dad, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or for you. Entice your special one with this go-to, on a regular basis simple classic chic cord.

Visit Pacific Pearls International for a full selection of Italian black cords and chains!

Cord Type: Italian Black Cord
Cord Length: 16.5 inches (42 cm)
Cord Size: 2mm
Clasp: Silver Clasp