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TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )

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  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
  • TL004 ( AAA 11mm Tahitian Black pearl Loose Pearls Pair )
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Retail Price : US$949.00
You save US$470.00
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Product Description:

Honour the special person in your life with a personalized pearl birthday gift from Pacific Pearls International, because pearls are a luxurious way of presenting her with the finest gem produced by Mother Nature!

Salute to nature, the birth of a pearl is truly a magical event! Unlike gold, diamond or other precious metals that must be mined from the earth, pearls are produced by the underwater oysters. Precious metals need some refining process to get its glow but pearls don't need any such process to reveal its loveliness. Born with a shimmering iridescence, luxurious glow, high lustre, pearls are valued as a badge of responsibility and you will earn a sophisticated feel whenever you wear it!

Add a touch of class to your outlook with the pearl jewelry collection made out of 100% genuine pearls! At one time, Royalties like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales were the only ones who were recognised to wear jewelry with pearls. Eventually, pearls were seen worn by all status of culture. With the Lifetime Warranty to all types of pearls from Tahitian Black to Australian South White pearls, Pacific Pearls International also offer a Money-Back Guarantee within 30 days to the loose pearls if you are not satisfied with the purchase!       

Based in Sydney, Pacific Pearl International have access to some of the best quality pearls around the world including types like Australian South Sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls, Japanese Akoya saltwater cultured pearls and freshwater pearls. If you are looking for a single pearl keepsake or a loose pearl to design your own piece of jewelry then Pacific Pearls International is for you! Loose Australian South Sea pearls are most typically used to finish pendants, rings and necklaces, along with other custom jewelry projects. Pair of AAA quality, perfectly round shape Tahitian Black Pearls is great for making any pearl jewelry like earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. Our 10.8mm-11mm black pearls give the classic beauty to the jewelry made out of it!

Thought of having a treasure in the jewelry box? Then, explore the sparkling collection of natural loose pearls at Pacific Pearls International. Elegant wooden box with a dazzling pearl inside is surely an unpredicted gift for your Mom, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother and they will treasure them throughout their life. Our hand-packed package is the ideal gift idea for Anniversary, Birthdays, Baby Shower, Wedding, and other memorable occasions. We offer up to 70% on all our products like pearl necklaces, pendants, finger rings, bracelets and also for loose pearls.

Shop for the widest selection of genuine Australian South Sea Cultured White Loose Pearls at Pacific Pearls International to create your perfect piece of jewelry!



Matching Pair - Perfect Round 10.8-11mm AAA Quality Tahitian Black Pearls - Loose Pearls

Retail Price $ 949    Our Price $ 479

Certificate of Authenticity

Lustre: Very High
Surface: Very Clean
Nacre: Very Thick
Size: 10.8mm-11mm
Colour: Natural Black (NEVER BEEN DYED)
Type: Tahitian Black Pearl
Shape: Perfect Round









Marketing firm reports revealed that manufacturers used South Sea Shell Pearls in place of real, high-quality South Sea Pearls to experiment whether or not purchasers could notice the difference. The findings state that buyers could not tell the difference between the two kinds of pearl! These shell pearls weren't made from glass, plastic, or wax; rather, they were grown from South Sea oyster's shells in a scientific laboratory. 

Today's imitations of fine pearls are extremely convincing, easily mistaken for the real, premium cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are pearls that are produced inside of mollusks or oysters that live in lakes or bays, giving them both the quality you see and price to match. These "faux," imitation pearls are not made by any sort of living water creature. Rather, they are made from plastic, glass, or shell beads to falsify a genuine appearance. 

A cultured pearl has a deep, rich luster, one that cannot be copied by an imitation pearl, regardless of how it's made. However, the most reliable test in most cases for distinguishing real pearls from faux ones is the tooth test. It's easily done. Simply run the pearl in question along your teeth's edges. A real pearl will be slightly gritty or abrasive, while a fake one will be perfectly smooth.Try this test first on pearls that you know are either genuine or imitation to see how they will feel. An area of caution: the tooth test may not be fully reliable for an amateur when testing imitation Majorica pearls. To a trained, expert eye, these fakes have a different look than a real, cultured pearl; however, to an untrained person, they could be very easily mistaken for a genuine one. A very close surface examination using a loupe allows you to see a "pinpointed" surface of the faux pearl; a cultured pearl has a very smooth surface when closely looked at. An imitation Majorica pearl can be easily identified for you by a knowledgeable gemologist or a nearby jeweler.

At Pacific Pearls International, we guarantee that every single pearl we sell to customers worldwide is genuine!


Before paying for any kind of pearl, be certain that you are getting the quality that you are paying for. Do not just believe what the descriptions say. The saying "Pearl is pearl" is not true. There are several unique types of pearls that have vastly different values. Sellers who dye freshwater pearls black will sometimes see them as a "Natural Color Tahitian Black Pearl." Others could potentially take white freshwater pearls and mare them as expensive white pearls from the Australian South Sea, or sell other freshwater pearls as premium saltwater Akoya pearls.

Carefully examine these pearls before you buy them. Do not pay the price of these expensive, genuine pearls only to receive cheap imitations, freshwater pearls, or south sea shell pearls. Pacific Pearls International certifies the authenticity of each pearl that we sell, to every customer around the world.